How to Change Your Nameservers

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5 responses to “How to Change Your Nameservers”

  1. Hmm, doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple times and it won’t take.


    1. Hi, Jon! Thank you for your comment. A member of our support team will be reaching out to you to get this issue resolved.


  2. Hi!

    Thank you for this topic. But it seems I encounter a problem regarding DNS topic.

    For one, the menu layout/ navigation changed since this topic was posted (it was in 2015; it’s already 2016 and I can’t see the above menus any longer).

    I set up my hosting site in another website. And for my domain name to work, I have to register my host site’s DNS and IP address.

    But the new menu is confusing.

    In the Manage Domain section, at the end of the domains I bought is a GEAR that is a drop down menu. And this is where things get confusing.

    Where do I change the DNS details?

    Under “DNS Records” ?
    Under “Authoritative Nameservers: ?
    Or under “Domain Hosts” ?

    Please help as I tried everything and my website domain is still inaccessible.

    Thank you very much!


    1. did you find the answer to this please? i am facing the same issues…


  3. I have my server at I changed the “Authoritative Nameservers” to webhostingpads’ nameservers and all is well.


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