How To Create A Wiki

So you want to start your own wiki? That’s great. Hopefully the first step you took was securing a great domain. Of course a .wiki domain would be a natural choice when creating a wiki. Once you do acquire that perfect domain there are a few options, which we will go into detail about below. However; first you will need to decide what kind of wiki you will want to operate. There are not a ton of quality wiki platforms out there so I’ll list and explain a bit about the more popular ones.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Porkbun’s new blog. What is Porkbun you ask? Porkbun, lovingly called “The Bun”,  is a domain name registrar based in the sometimes damp and at all times beautiful city of Portland Oregon:

Portland Oregon Skyline

Skyline of Portland Oregon, Porkbun’s home. Photo by Amateria1121.

We are an overall solution provider of all things domain and website related. We’re just getting started so please bear with us while we construct what we believe will be the best platform on the web for registering, managing, and hosting your domain names. Want to get started? Visit and see what we have to offer.