Porkbun Email Client Setup – iPhones

So, you just setup a wonderful new email address by using Porkbun Email and now you want to send and receive emails on that account on your iPhone? Look no further! What follows is an eight step roadmap that will get your email up and running in under ten minutes. If, for whatever reason, you receive an error message during the setup process, contact us! We’re here to help and we’re pretty speedy about it. Ok, let’s get to it.


Step 1: Open up “Settings,” scroll down and click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”


Step 2: Click “Add Account”


Step 3: Click “Other”


Step 4: Click “Add Mail Account”


Step 5: Under the name tab, enter the name you want your emails to show up as (i.e. John  Smith). Then enter in your new email and the password that you chose when you created this email account. Once you’re done click “Next.”


Step 6: Now, you’ll be filling out the “incoming mail server” and the “outgoing mail server” sections. In the “Host Name” tab, enter in “imap.porkbun.com” then enter your full email under “User Name.” Under outgoing mail server, enter “smtp.porkbun.com” as the “Host Name” then type out your full email in “User Name” as well as your email password under “Password.” It does say optional on those last two options, but they’re not. Crazy, I know. Once you’re done click “Next” in the top right corner.


Step 7: Click “Save”


Step 8: Pop some champagne because you’re all set up! Now you should be able to access your Porkbun Email through your Mail application. Again, if you receive any error messages during setup or when attempting to send/receive emails, let us know! Our email is support@porkbun.com.