.ART Domains: an online platform that has become a place to build a strong digital identity and tell your story celebrates its 5 year anniversary

Our friends at .ART are celebrating their 5 year anniversary! We’re so excited for the growth of the .ART community and the diverse groups that have chosen to represent themselves with a domain ending in .ART. Read on to learn more about .ART and and its prominent use cases.

Guest Post

From our friends at .ART

In the last 5 years since its launch, .ART has become the most popular extension for creatives and has a stable place among the top-5 fastest growing domain zones — all through organic growth and remarkably high renewal rates. Its 200K+ community includes creative organizations and personalities as well as industry giants including the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Institute of Contemporary Arts of London, Amazon, Bank of America, Mercedes, Pixar, Kickstarter, Vivienne Westwood, and many others. 

A website on .ART can be anything: a point of entry for all social media accounts, an online portfolio, a marketplace that generates a revenue stream, or a cool name for your NFT. As a website owner, you are the only one deciding on its content, which is especially important in times of censorship and other institutional regulations.

Here’s why so many different personalities and organizations choose to be united under the .ART umbrella. 

Make impact with a domain name

None of us had the ability to choose our given names, but it’s a whole other story with your digital identity. .ART offers a solution that not only gives you the ability to use your own name, but also instantly connects with the art world. A .ART domain ending defines you as an artist before anyone even visits your website, and this is a distinct advantage. By choosing yourname.art for your website, you create a point of entry for all the enquiries about your professional background, work, and projects. And you can finally stop worrying about aligning all your media platform profile names.

Caption: Artwork by metalman.art, courtesy of the artist 

Enhance your online presence

The services provided by .ART go beyond digital identification. This applies whether you use traditional artistic mediums or play around with digital, crypto, virtual reality, or NFTs. .ART domains have the possibility of Ethereum integration to be used as easy-to-remember crypto addresses, making them an inherently all-in-one product. You can also simply link all your existing media accounts to one domain address, which is an excellent DIY marketing trick that also saves trees. Why print business cards if you can have a digital one? 

Get found more readily

Using the .ART domain ending can also enhance your search presence. According to a study from The Domain Name Association (dated April, 2017), the relevance of the words in the domain name and extension helps web pages to rank better for specific keywords. The study also found that having a relevant domain name extension (like .ART) means that you need fewer inbound links to rank in top page search spots than you would using the more traditional .com ending. Even if you already have a website using .com, you can still obtain a .ART address and simply point that address to your existing site. This gives you more ownership of your name in the online space.

Moreover, there is the added benefit of a psychological shift. Using the word “art” in your website address automatically puts visitors on notice that your business is a creative one. This is a simple but effective marketing tool built right into your online presence.


In light of .ART’s 5 year anniversary celebrations, we spoke to some of its adopters and found out what shifts they are observing in the art and digital worlds, as well as what led them to choose a .ART domain for their work. 


Shantell Martin, an artist who’s also been with .ART since its inception, has had a very eventful few years. She choreographed her first ballet at Boston Ballet, did a collaboration with the Whitney Museum Shop, a show with Kendrick Lamar, took over all the screens of The Oculus in World Trade Center and created May Room, a space for contemplation and peace on Governor’s island. She reflects on the development of digital space that has taken place since: “People have a more digital presence than five years ago. The definition of “being online” has changed immensely, and now this encompasses AR, Discord, NFTs, etc. It’s so many more things than it used to be.”

Caption: disciplinary artist Shantell Martin (shantellmartin.art) Photo by Timothy Schenck


Steve Miller is a multimedia artist and one of .ART’s early adopters. The last 5 years offered him the opportunity to publish a trilogy about art, technology, and the environment.  The newest book Surfing the Cosmos (to be released in Summer 2022) completes a three-part series launched in 2017 with a focus on the environment. All of the books of the series fall under a project entitled Health of the Planet for which he secured HEALTHOFTHEPLANET.ART and a US trademark. After staying true to his .ART identity all these years, he explains: “As the domain space heats up with a plethora of options, it’s important to have a clear identity. .ART is explicit in foregrounding the importance of the content. You come to .ART for a deep dive into creativity and innovation.”

Hohmann Art Gallery and Advisory – HOHMANN.ART 

Christian Hohmann, President of HOHMANN, Inc., shares what he sees as a current issue of the otherwise synergetic marriage between art and digital: “As a community we have not yet learned how to translate the in-person experience of going to a gallery or an artist studio into a similar digital experience. I wouldn’t welcome clients to the gallery, immediately drag them into my warehouse and show them every single work of art by every one of my artists, right? We need less volume and more quality.  He adds, however, that “It is increasingly hard to remain relevant if your digital presence doesn’t match your physical presence, because fewer people will actually come to the gallery before making a buying decision.” 

Caption: Hohmann booth at Art Miami, photo courtesy of Hohmann Art Gallery 

Are you working on your own masterpiece? Give it a home on .ART!

Make someone’s .day this May

Here’s to all the Mama-buns!

We’re partnering with .day to celebrate the launch of Mothers.day, a new site devoted to raising awareness of maternal health equity issues. To help spread the word about Mothers.day, we’re holding a Twitter giveaway! Just follow the link below to enter for a chance to win one of twenty .day swag packages and read on to learn more about .day’s work supporting maternal health equity.

Guest Post

from Christina Yeh and our partners at .day

What domain ending is three letters and perfect for important days? .day of course! Since its launch earlier this year, .day has quickly grown in popularity. The Google Registry team loves this domain because it’s the perfect way to celebrate a birth.day or wedding.day, raise awareness for a cause, and mark special occasions. This May is a great example of the different ways in which people and organizations are using the .day top-level domain: Accessibility.day, NativeNonprofit.day, EndangeredSpecies.day, and, of course, mothers.day.

As a mom of three, I’ve always been a bit struck by the lack of conversation around giving and donating around Mother’s Day. That’s why our team is introducing mothers.day — a resource dedicated to highlighting inequities in maternal health and helping families at different stages of parenthood.

According to the World Health Organization, over 800 people around the globe die daily from pregnancy and childbirth related causes that could have been prevented. The path to parenthood isn’t currently an equitable experience, but you can help make a difference by supporting organizations that are closing these gaps across different stages of parenthood. Giving isn’t the only way to make an impact; you can also participate in research studies.

This May, help spread the word on this important issue by using #mothersdotday on your social media. And if you want to raise awareness around a day that’s meaningful to you, get your own .day domain

The Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name

Guest Post

From our partners at .ooo

“Survival of the fittest” is the theory of evolution advanced by Charles Darwin, which states that individuals are more likely to survive if they are more “fit” genetically. The same theory is also applicable to businesses across the globe!

To survive in this crowded world of commerce, every company, enterprise, and startup needs to build their own unique identity as early as possible. It’s vital to create a strong brand presence and leverage that identity to garner new customers as quickly as possible.

In today’s digital world, every business must choose the right domain name to build its brand. A strong domain name should be central to the long-term marketing strategy of any company or business. After all, if a business wants to get to the top of search engine results, their domain name plays a crucial yet underlooked role.

Let’s take a look at the importance of having a good domain name, and how it can build a better, brighter brand for your business.

Strong names can help build global brands

After careful deliberation, a carefully carved out name for your business can play a vital role in online marketing. It helps your business stand out in an overcrowded digital world by adding professional credibility, creating brand awareness, and attracting new customers.

A great domain provides an opportunity to explore and build your business via eCommerce, allowing your business to expand beyond your local market. Such a domain can sometimes be enough to turn a small business into a globally recognized brand.

Increase your search engine ranking.

As you build and develop your website with quality content, your domain nam, as well as your brand name will become more recognizable in search engines, thus drawing more customers to your company.

Brand Protection

Maintaining a web presence with your registered brand name or domain name discourages your competitors from stealing your brand popularity to build their own business, whether in the local market or worldwide.

Switching to a digital office

Another great advantage of a brand domain name is allowing your office staff and management to collaborate, connect, and communicate in a central online location, turning your physical office into a digital one. Digital offices tear down geographical barriers for prospective employees, allowing them to work from anywhere and at any time, enhancing productivity.

How to choose a domain name

It’s important to choose a domain name your customers will remember, one that also aligns with your company’s name, values, and clientele. Look for a domain name that matches the name of your company or product as this will strengthen your brand, building credibility and visibility with your customers.

To get started registering a domain, simply visit porkbun.com and start your search today. With over 500 domain extensions to choose from including amazing unique ones like .ooo, you’re bound to find something that will not only fit but enhance your brand story.

Final thoughts

To survive in this competitive world, you must consider Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” and ignore Shakespeare’s “What’s in a name?” For a business to survive, thrive, and prosper, a great name is vital. So choose yours judiciously. We recommend creating a unique brand name by registering a new generic extension with a larger number of available names: .ooo for instance. It’s easy to remember, quick to type, and brimming with opportunity!

Want Your Business to Stand Out Online? Pick A Cooler Web Domain.

Guest Post

from our partners at GoDaddy Registry

There are more than 1.7 billion websites that exist on the Internet today. So, how can one stand out in this crowded, digital universe? 

Believe it or not, online strategic branding all starts with picking the right web domain. 

Whether you’re a high-tech startup or a small but mighty local nonprofit, let your mission shine before visitors even land on your company site. Many treat their domain as an afterthought, opting for mainstream options. But those last few letters of your web address should be treated as an extension of your marketing and messaging, allowing you to use your URL as the ultimate branding tool. 

To do so, think outside of the box, and consider alternative domains that are as unique as you — like .fashion, .club, .cooking, .design, .luxe, or .vip. These are just a few examples of the many domain extensions available that can better define what you do and help you stand out. Unique, innovative web extensions might be a perfect fit for your industry or mission, or better speak to your company culture. 

Last but not least, these domains let customers easily identify you in search results, and will create a more memorable brand. There are over 280 domain extensions available globally, and it can be daunting not knowning where to start. Luckily, we’ve highlighted some gems that will help your online venture stand out in the oh-so-crowded World Wide Web.

You can be sure there is a name to suit your venture, whatever it may be. Check out this curated list of some of our favorites; they’re all at a special low price to help you get started.

.CO (for entrepreneurs) 

Lever.co and Birthdate.co are just some of the major and modern companies taking on this domain. Trusted for over 10 years, it has become a favorite among high-tech startups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, it has also become synonymous with blockchain technology and crypto websites; Stacks.co, Decrypto.co, and Rsk.co. But .co isn’t just for Silicon Valley; it’s rapidly building steam in Asia, Africa, and beyond. Alicia Yu, for instance, launched Luxe.co to track the latest fashion and global lifestyle trends in China and worldwide. Her short and sleek web address is on brand with her website. 

.Design (for designers)

If you want to speak to a specific industry, domains like .design can get the job done. The .design extension is niche yet all-encompassing, ready to serve a wide range of professions. Whether you’re an interior designer in Sydney Australia like HotBlack.design, a New York fashion stylist like Evinas.design, or a Swedish graphic artist like Hassel.design, consider a domain that speaks to your creative depth. Not only is a .design domain reserved for individuals or small businesses, many international cooperations have started implementing .design for their business needs — Adobe (Adobe.design) uses this extension to promote their design community whilst DropBox and Spotify both use a .design to showcase their brand guidelines.

.Club (communities, sports teams and groups) 

Now more than ever, people are seeking a sense of belonging, be it a fan club, book club, or travel club. With this domain extension, you have the ability to own a whole market segment, take coffee.club as an example. Let your mind run wild with the endless possibilities: do you like wine, sports, dancing, or reading? There’s a .club domain for you, just start thinking about what community you could build today. 

.NYC (for New Yorkers)

New York City is the city that never sleeps. It is also both the tech and fashion capital of the world. Businesses from all types of industry flock to this domain because it’s instant proof that they’re thriving in one of the most competitive markets in the world. For example, Fashionnovation (Fashinnovation.nyc) is more about sustainable fashion than trending styles. Although it has the .nyc address, it markets itself as a global platform that connects the fashion industry via entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, and diversity & inclusion. 

.US (for nationwide businesses and beyond) 

From local politicians running for reelection to conference call juggernaut Zoom.us, the .US domain also gives any visitor a sense of community. A .US site can serve as an online hub to share your story and gives fledgling entrepreneurs the opportunity to think globally and connect locally.

.FIT (for fitness enthusiasts) 

At a point in history where fitness and wellness topics are taking precedence, a .FIT web extension could bring the traffic you need to jumpstart your career. Personal trainers, new gyms, fitness studios, and nutritionists alike can reap the rewards from this emerging web domain. 

.Wedding (for brides, grooms and affianced couples)

The only web audience that is more engaged and enthusiastic than the fitness crowd are, of course, newly engaged couples. From wedding dresses and wedding venues to wedding decor and wedding registries, this domain can win from brides-to-be who are ready to plan their big day. 

No matter what kind of website you’re trying to launch, rest assured there is a domain out there that aligns with your business goals or mission. Be sure to pick a web address that works for you and helps you stand out from the crowd. Feeling inspired? Check out our specially curated list of domains for a great deal to get you started.

How A Customized Email Address Can Improve Your Brand Identity

Guest Post

from our partners at GoDaddy Registry

If you want a simple way to step up your business or personal branding, don’t overlook one of the most critical elements of communication: a customized email address. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business, an income-generating blog, or maybe you want to update your resume for that next big role, you need a consistent brand identity and an email that perfectly matches what you do. 

Email has become a primary mode of communication because it’s free and effective (everything is on-the-record in writing). An official business email will make you look more established and will encourage new customers to take you seriously. While your vintage Hotmail address might have worked a couple of years ago, now is the time to upgrade in order to look more savvy, professional, and polished. 

It’s a no-brainer that a generic Gmail or Yahoo address not only looks unprofessional but will also likely get lost in cluttered inboxes. On the other hand, an email address with your name or company can draw in more people as they are more likely to open your messages if they can easily identify you in the endless barrage of daily notifications. 

There are plenty of different domains available that can work for you and help you stand out from the crowd. If you live in New York for example, the email hello@myname.nyc is perfect for you. A sleek, modern email such as hello@name.design is great for creative types. Likewise, if you are an admin of a club, the email join@name.club would be a great recruiting tool for community communications. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and get creative!

Whatever your venture, you can be sure there is a name to fit your needs. We curated a list of some favorites and they’re all at a special low price to help you get started. Check out the list here.

At Porkbun, every domain registration comes with three months of free email hosting, so it’s easy to use a custom email address on your own domain. This helps you take ownership of your brand identity right from the start. 

Getting a custom email is easy, it all starts with finding the right domain. Then, just follow these simple steps to create your new email address.

Step 1Search for your perfect domain name. There are lots of great options on sale but only for a limited time, so go ahead, stop dreaming, and start building your brand.

Step 2 – Once you have found the right domain for your venture, add it to your cart and click on the checkout icon. Just below the domain in your cart, you’ll see add-on options. Add the email hosting option to your cart by simply clicking the + button.

Step 3 – Next, click “Continue to Billing,” which will lead you to a page where you can create an account and input your payment information. Congratulations! You have just taken a major step to improving your personal or business brand with a custom email. Click here to learn how to setup your new email address.

A customized email address starts with choosing an innovative domain that aligns with your business or speaks to your mission. No matter who you are, rest assured there is a domain and email out there that’s right for you.

.gay Domains Donate Over $18,000 to LGBTQ+ Community Beneficiaries  GLAAD and CenterLink in 2021, Bringing Total to More Than $167,000

Our friends at .gay domains have created a dedicated online space for LGBTQ+ communities. To ensure that .gay directly supports LGBTQ+ people, the domain donates 20% of all new registration revenue to beneficiary organizations GLAAD and CenterLink. They recently announced their 2021 donation of more than $18,000, and their advocacy work continues with new episodes of their informative original series The Dictionary, available to stream on Revry and at www.TheLibrary.gay.

Guest Post

from our partners at .gay

On February 7, 2022, .gay announced the domain’s latest donation, in the amount of $18,606.80, was made to its LGBTQ+ community beneficiaries, GLAAD and CenterLink. This brings the total amount donated since .gay’s public launch to $167,471.21

The .gay domain name is a groundbreaking domain extension that donates 20% of all new registration revenue (not just profit!) to LGBTQ+ organizations to help address key issues facing these communities. This is an unprecedented, industry-leading commitment that means continual donations over time.

“Since day one, everything we have done at .gay has been rooted in our vision to use the domain name system to have a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ people. I’m proud that all of our work supports the indisputable fact that LGBTQ+ people matter and that these communities deserve to feel safe, supported, and celebrated,” said Ray King, CEO of Top Level Design, the .gay registry. “We all have a role to play in supporting diversity and inclusion, and I believe .gay’s people-first policies are pushing our industry forward.”

The registry also announced the arrival of 5 additional episodes from the second season of .gay’s original digital series, The Library, and its companion mini-series, The Dictionary, created in partnership with Two Penguins Productions. The remaining episodes from season 2 will premiere weekly from February-March, 2022. Watch full seasons of The Library on Revry, as well as www.TheLibrary.gay

“Producing two seasons of The Library during a global pandemic has not been without its challenges, but I am so proud of what we created and that we kept everyone safe, from the cast to the crew, throughout the process,” Logan Lynn, out Musician, Producer, .gay PR/Creative Director, and season one cast member, explained. “It was really important to all of us that we create a space with this series to showcase what we actually mean when we talk about the .gay community. We wanted to celebrate all types of identities, honor queer history, and break down misconceptions about LGBTQ+ people and language — all while giving folks who might not have out family members or friends in their lives the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of queer communities. .gay’s global reach, and The Library now being available in over 250 million homes worldwide through our partnership with Revry, makes that visibility and impact very real.”

.gay continues to add new registrants to its fast-growing community of sites. Since launching in 2020, over 15,000 .gay domain names have been registered. 

News from .inc: Two-letter domains available now!

Guest Post

from our partners at .inc

A great opportunity to get two-letter .inc domains has arrived!

.inc has recently released hundreds of two-letter domains, and best of all, they are priced to sell! This is a rare opportunity to own a domain that means business.

What makes two-letter domains so special? 

For comparison, all two-letter .com domains were sold by the year 2000. Since then, two-letter .com names have rarely come up for auction, with an average sale price up to $670k. This price point pushes these two-letter .com domains out of reach for many start-ups and mid-sized businesses. 

However, this special batch of two-letter .inc domains has been released at the standard flat rate, which means they are  attainable in an otherwise competitive marketplace.

There are only 676 possible 2-letter combinations, and now is your best chance to own a two-letter .inc domain!. What can you do with a 2-letter domain? Here are some ideas:

  • Own your company initials
  • Brand a short, memorable, and easy to type domain (which is especially important in today’s mobile-first world) 
  • Use in place of a URL shortener to elevate your marketing

Currently, you can  get .inc for 50% off including these rare two-letter domains right here at Porkbun, so what are you waiting for?

Search Your 2-letter .inc Domain Today!

Enter the Tiger – Happy Lunar New Year from the .Asia Registry!

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with our friends at .Asia with both a sale on .asia domains as well as a giveaway for ten gift certificates to porkbun.shop. Find out more at the links below and read on to learn more about what the Lunar New Year means for .Asia!

Guest Post

from our partners at .Asia

This week, over 1.5 billion people around the world will celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year. According to the Chinese Zodiac, we will be entering into the year of the Tiger on February 1, 2022. For those that celebrate, the Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays of the year, observed by many countries in Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Tigers have long been regarded as the symbol of Asia and are ubiquitous in Asian cultures from traditional folklore to modern day brands. Tigers come only from Asia and are thought to have originated in Northwestern China. Unfortunately, rapid industrialization in the last century pushed tigers to the brink of extinction. Wild tiger population fell 97% from 100,000 to as few as 3,200 today.

The .Asia Registry has adopted its own cyber tiger as their official mascot. He is much more than just a loveable face, Ajitora is also an appointed ambassador of the Tx2 movement, backed by WWF and Global Tiger Forum (GTF), which aims to double tiger numbers in the wild. Inspired by animal welfare activists, Ajitora is committed to a lifelong mission of activism for his community and champions for a more environmentally sustainable internet.

The past two years have been a period of turmoil not only for Asian American communities, but also for the Asian diaspora worldwide. Since the emergence of COVID, people of Asian descent have been the target of racialized aggression and violence in the U.S. and around the world. 2021 was a watershed year for activism and awareness surrounding anti-Asian violence around the globe. In an unprecedented show of unity and support, Asian American activists galvanized multiple anti-Asian-violence protests throughout the U.S. and internationally.

While we can’t expect racism and xenophobia to disappear with the flip of a calendar page, as we enter into 2022, we hope the vigor of the Tiger will fortify our communities and provide strength and courage to bring systematic changes for the better.  

.Asia domains celebrate Asian stories and honor Asian heritage. As a not-for-profit organisation, we hope to bring about a positive impact to the regional and international communities we serve. When you choose to build your website on a .Asia domain, you are joining a global, online community that empowers and brings together Asians from every part of the world. 

Usher in the Year of the Tiger with a .Asia domain here today! And may kindness, luck, and roaring fortune be abundant for you in the New Year!

Four .xyz Sites that Exemplify A New Generation of Innovation

Our friends at .xyz have always stood by as the TLD for the next generation of innovators, thinkers, and creators. From blockchain technology to at-home learning, .xyz is helping more companies present their ideas online and create meaningful connections with communities across the globe. Today, we look at four companies that exemplify the core values of .xyz and how their choice of domain helps them reach new audiences worldwide.


Agora.xyz uses blockchain technology to integrate platforms and streamline your time online. Their tool, Agora Space, connects Discord, Twitter, and other social media sites within one platform so users can easily link their social media actions to help better control and automate their digital presence across all channels.

For a platform that heavily values decentralisation and privacy, a .xyz domain perfectly echoes their forward-thinking mindset. Rather than opt for a more standard .com address, or even something descriptively fitting, like .app, Agora crafted their brand identity around a next generation domain name: a signal of innovation, a vision for the world they’re working to create.


What is Birm, you ask? Their skillfully crafted homepage offers an easy answer: Birm is an open project trying to connect people that are close — an up-and-coming social app that connects people based on proximity. Relying on mobile GPS coordinates, Birm promises a heightened sense of connection between neighbors to build stronger community as we continue to migrate into a hyper-connected world.

Yet again, we see a fitting example of .xyz to designate a space founded in progress and innovation. Still very much in its testing phase, Birm is a work in progress with a website that celebrates the journey. Their .xyz extension serves as an additional reminder that sometimes to achieve your desired result, you have to begin at the end. Carry on, Birm!


More than ever, folks are creating communities and forging friendships online. Noobly offers a new social media platform for connection, helping gamers find their “Player 2” for their next game. Noobly matches gamers based on what they play and when they’re available. Regardless of where a player is physically located, they’re ready to find someone for their next round.

With .xyz, Noobly is able to market towards all gamers regardless of their game choice, play style, or platform. Rather than restrict themselves to just competitive eSports or retro console emulators, noobly.xyz welcomes everyone where they are, however they play. Whether it’s FPS or RPG, TBS or PvP, noobly.xyz is here for every gamer.


Inglés helps individuals gain confidence in their English by providing teacher-led online classrooms. With courses to improve both written and spoken English, Inglés picks up where self-taught programs leave off, providing real opportunities to practice with others 1-on-1 from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Often the first step of learning English is mastering your ABC’s, but this is merely the beginning. The work Inglés is doing goes beyond just the foundations to helping their students have confidence with real-world interactions and usage. What better way to display that message of progress than bringing students from ABC all the way to .xyz.

6 Of Our Favorite .inc Upgrades

For some businesses, the first domain name they register might not be the most beneficial for their business or brand. Especially with popular extensions like .com, perfect-match domains are hard to secure. New domain extensions like .inc allow established businesses to upgrade their domain with ease, and new businesses to start off on the right foot with a name that impresses at first glance.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of businesses that have leveled up their domain names with the .inc extension.


Opte Network had more characters in their original domain extension than their brand name. Originally limited by a geographic restricting domain, opte.us.com, they dropped the geotag and upgraded to opte.inc. Simple. Classy. Business-card ready. All made possible with .inc.

Olivier is a drilling company that has been based out of the Netherlands since 1949. They previously relied on the name, olivierindustrie.be — utilizing the country code extension and a superfluous descriptor. Their new domain, olivier.inc, is an instant brand enhancement that celebrates brevity and widens the accessibility of their site.


Future Media Group previously used ftrmedia.com for their corporate site. While they get added points for creative abbreviation tactics, the domain name didn’t scream professionalism. After scrapping the awkward short form, they swapped out their old name for a new instantly-memorable 3-character abbreviation of their brand.


If your audience is startups, and your business is startups, then it doesn’t get much better than the domain name startups.inc. For a brand that boasts industry knowledge, Startup.inc definitely came out swinging with a name that proves they take their own advice.


E Inc was able to secure the single character domain name as an exact match to their brand name. That’s the dream! As they just recently went public, E.inc made for a professional and simple domain that encouraged a wildly successful launch.

To kickstart your next great idea, or revitalize a recent success, find and secure your own .inc name today.