Upcoming Pricing Changes

Last updated: May 19, 2017

Here’s our list of upcoming price changes. We’ll try to keep this list up-to-date, so if you hear about an industry price change we haven’t noticed before, please contact support to let us know!

July 1, 2017 price increases:

TLD Old price New price
.info $10.25 $10.96


September 7, 2017 price increases:

TLD Old price New price
.click $6.33 $8.73
.link $8.39 $8.73
.help $15.25 $22.12
.pics $15.25 $22.12
.sexy $15.25 $27.27
.christmas $22.12 $32.42
.tattoo $22.12 $32.42
.audio $11.13 $104.51
.blackfriday $28.99 $104.51
.diet $15.05 $104.51
.flowers $19.72 $104.51
.guitars $22.12 $104.51
.hiphop $15.25 $104.51
.property $22.12 $104.51
.hosting $22.12 $310.48
.juegos $11.13 $310.48

September price increases on Uniregistry domains

⚠️  As of April 3, 2017, Uniregistry has announced that these price increases will only apply to new registrations on or after Sepember 8, 2017 (we’ll roll them out the day before). Pricing for existing non-premium registrations will be “grandfathered” in via a special lower-price tier and existing premium renewals will likely decrease in price. Pricing at Porkbun for grandfathered-in domains may increase or decease slightly due to how premium pricing is handed on Porkbun.

Why do price changes occur?

Most commonly, due to a registry wholesale cost increase. Occasionally registries will increase the wholesale cost of domain extensions. Due to Porkbun’s low-overhead business model, we are usually forced to raise our prices whenever this happens.

The Fine Print

The pricing information listed on this page only reflects changes to our everyday prices and does not address sale pricing. For a complete list of domains on sale, visit https://porkbun.com/products/details. Sale prices are offered by mutual agreement of Porkbun and its registry partners and as such are subject to termination without warning.

Sales are typically offered per-quarter and usually won’t be announced beforehand, so it’s a good idea to check Porkbun pricing on or after the 1st of January, April, July, and October to see what’s changed.

Also please note that the above prices are for non-premium domains. Registry premium domains are typically offered at a higher price. Click here for a more through explanation of premium pricing.

For all terms and conditions, visit: https://porkbun.com/products/details.

Major price increases on selected domains?

We’ve been contacted by a number of customers confused about rumored price increases on Uniregistry Corporation-owned domain extensions. This article seeks to clear up misconceptions and give our customers the information they need to make informed decisions about impending price increases.

Q: Are prices dramatically increasing? Should I be worried?

A: Yes, but only for 12 TLDs and not until September 8, 2017. You should be concerned if you own domains with any of the following Uniregistry Corporation-owned extensions:


Our wholesale cost is slated to increase at least $10 on each of these extensions and in some cases our cost at the registry will increase over $100. Most notably .hosting and .juegos will see a wholesale price increase that will result in those domains being sold for over $300/year. We’ve yet to determine our final retail prices.

In addition, we expect a few dollars per year increase on:


Q: Ack! I own domains in those TLDs! How do I avoid paying the increased price?

A: Since our costs are going up, there’s not a lot we can do after September 8th. However, there is something you can do now: add multiple years of registration to your domain before the price goes up. To do so, click the little circle arrow icon next to your domain in Domain Management:

…and click “Renew Now” to add a maximum of ten years of registration at today’s pre-hike rates.


Q: How do other registrars feel about this?

A: We’re already seeing the impact of this price increase ripple across the industry. Last week, GoDaddy took the extraordinary step of boycotting Uniregistry domains, prohibiting transfers in and new registrations of Uniregistry domains in an apparent protest against the price increases. We have no plans to drop support for these domain extensions and will mark up Uniregistry domains as little as possible so as to reduce the impact to our customers.


Q: Do I need to worry about other TLDs following suit?

A: We don’t think so. We haven’t heard of any other registries planning dramatic price increases. If anything, the prevailing trend has been a general decrease in prices across the industry and frequent discounts over a wide swath of TLDs.

We will continue to keep our customers apprised of any updates to this story as it unfolds.

DailyMonster.ink: Your Daily Dose of Monster Creativity

Fresh off his Main Stage presentation at RGD’s Design Thinkers conference, notable designer Stefan Bucher stopped by our booth in the exhibit hall and left as the enthusiastic new owner of both 344.design and DailyMonster.ink.

344.design is now home to the company website for Stefan’s studio, 344 Design, through which he has created designs and illustrations for clients David Hockney, Judd Apatow, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, not to mention album covers for the likes of Sting and Whitney Houston.

So why on Earth would this accomplished designer want a .ink website? And what is Daily Monster?

“It’s always hard to break through when you’re presenting your content online, particularly when so many common sense domain names are already taken. The new domains are a great way to liven things up and grab people’s attention.”

When an idea pops into Stefan Bucher’s head he can’t stop until he somehow makes it real. And so began the Daily Monster project. Each day, he films himself putting a few drops of black ink on a piece of paper, blows it out with compressed air, and creates a new monster character out of the resulting shape. “It’s an exercise in beating procrastination and fear. I’m scared of the white page, and the ink blot makes it so that I’m not starting a drawing, I’m finishing one, which is much more fun!”

Much like the monsters themselves, over its life of 10+ years, Daily Monster has expanded and evolved. The website and it’s videos have spawned a book containing stories about each monster sourced from his fans all over the world, and even an app, the DAILY MONSTER Monster Maker!

In its latest evolution, Stefan re-launched DailyMonster.com as DailyMonster.ink.
“After running DailyMonster as a .com for the first 10 years, having a .ink domain for an ongoing exercise in creating characters from blown ink was just too good of a fit to pass up!” He adds, “It’s always hard to break through when you’re presenting your content online, particularly when so many common sense domain names are already taken. The new domains are a great way to liven things up and grab people’s attention. I love that I now get to use 344.design and dailymonster.ink to show my work!”

More about Stefan’s work here, including the six books he’s authored (so it should come as no surprise, he’s won a D&AD award for book design, too).

Why Porkbun is actually the best deal around

Why choose Porkbun?

In a word: value. Not only do we have some of the lowest prices around, SSL and WHOIS Privacy (essential features for keeping eavesdroppers and spammers away from your domain) are included free with every Porkbun domain.

Plus, at Porkbun, you get free email forwarding, free web hosting through our Weebly-powered site builder, and free top-notch tech support. We think we’re the best deal around, and we hope you’ll agree!