How To Create A Wiki

So you want to start your own wiki? That’s great. Hopefully the first step you took was securing a great domain. Of course a .wiki domain would be a natural choice when creating a wiki. Once you do acquire that perfect domain there are a few options, which we will go into detail about below. However; first you will need to decide what kind of wiki you will want to operate. There are not a ton of quality wiki platforms out there so I’ll list and explain a bit about the more popular ones.

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Why does TLD pricing vary?

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part of a domain name, such as .com, .net, .edu.  Very recently, many new TLDs have become available, including options such as .design, .basketball, .ink and .dentist.  Each TLD is run by a company called a “registry” and with all the new TLDs there are lots of new registries.  Registries are allowed to set pricing for names sold within their TLD and thus, there is now a wide variety of pricing.  Below is an explanation of some of the different pricing strategies:

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We do things a little differently at Porkbun. We know that registering a domain name and setting up a website can be a little daunting to someone who has never done it before. So, we’ve tried to make the process as simple and easy as possible. We’ve partnered with Weebly so that building a website is intuitive and we’ve streamlined the domain registering process so you can find the name you want quickly and effortlessly. Continue reading


Meet“The company was Energi Design. But when I started to think about design I decided to put it into one word,, and I thought that .design had to come out at some point, so I started searching for it.” – Steve Holmes,


Steve Holmes is not the typical .designer. He discovered .design a year before it was made available to the public. His diligence paid off. He’s been the proud owner of as soon as the domain was made available, which he now calls “his perfect domain name.” was founded in London in 1994. Since then, the company has moved internationally… twice. The company is now based in Munich, DE. Despite being in business for over twenty years, the company has remained a one-man-show. Despite that, the workload is steadily increasing. The month of August is especially busy, with seven video projects going on at the same time.

Steve has taught in colleges and universities and he has toured around Europe and the USA promoting Adobe After Effects. He has received awards both for his motion graphics and his typography and his client list is, in one word, impressive.

We were able to call in and get a bit of Steve’s time last week. Here’s what we talked about.

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An evening with Jessica Walsh

jessica AIGA

From inception, we at .design have felt a commitment to designers of all kinds, everywhere.  Combining this ethos with our hometown pride, we find it particularly difficult to turn down any opportunity to support our local creative talent.

Last Friday night, AIGA Portland brought Jessica Walsh to town for a speaking engagement, and had the honor and privilege of sponsoring the event.  Not only that, but I had the opportunity to attend in person.

Jessica captured the rapt attention of her audience with her humor, words of wisdom, and examples of work, both personal and professional.  Her belief in the power of play and her commitment to passion projects is truly inspirational.

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